Cleavage and Deprotection Systems

Enhance oligo production safety and efficiency

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Post-synthesis, the crude oligonucleotide must be cleaved from the solid support and conditioned for further downstream processing steps. Our C&D Systems are designed to accommodate both DNA and RNA processes with numerous in-process controls to automate steps.

Key Features

  • Automated system designed and purpose-built for cleavage and deprotection, freeing up your synthesizer.
  • Advanced process controls with monitoring and control by UV, conductivity, pressure, temperature, flow rate or volume.
  • Available with deprotection vessels for a turnkey solution.
  • OCELOT™ System Control – our latest universally plant-compatible automation software.
  • Chemically compatible with HF or other chemicals as required and rated for hazardous area use.
  • Customizable to meet your process and facility requirements.

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess C&D Systems can be designed for chemical compatibility with HF as needed. Systems are available with integrated deprotection vessels, or alternatively can be used with your existing vessel.

Breadth of Configurations

Catalog No. Deprotection Vessel Working Volume Pressure Rating Metering Pump Flow Rate Material of Construction
CD020 20 L 6 bar 6 to 180 L/h 316L SS
CD100 100 L 6 bar 20 to 600 L/h 316L SS
CD350 350 L 6 bar 48 to 2000 L/h 316L SS

C&D Systems can be customized to meet specific user requirements for your manufacturing process:

  • Second metering pump and flowmeter constructed of Hastelloy
  • Upgrade from eight (8) to twelve (12) main inlet ports
  • Upgrade to column forward flow, backflow and bypass modes
  • Jacketed deprotection vessel (user-specified volume)
  • Upgrade from three (3) to four (4) outlet ports including recirculation
  • Local panel-mount Human-Machine Interface (HMI)