Inline Buffer Dilution

Our award-winning IBD technology, generates accurate and reproducible buffers on-demand from concentrates to save you
time, space and money.

1,000 L/h

Clinical Manufacturing

5,000 - 10,000 L/h

Large Scale Manufacturing

15,000 L/h

Extra Large Scale Manufacturing

Built For You

Meet the technology that is truly built for you and is designed to move you beyond your downstream processing bottlenecks.

Patented Dilution + Conditioning

All 3-pump IBD Systems utilize our patented technology to both dilute and condition your buffers via a dynamic single-pass mixer with feedback control from conductivity and pH. Flow-based blending is also available.


Efficient Buffer Production

With 3-pump IBD Systems, you can leverage stock buffer concentrates and pH modifiers to produce high-quality buffers on demand, within as short as 15 seconds from system start-up. After use, the system can be rinsed down in under a minute.

Conductivity 2

Utilize in Batch or Continuous Processes

Delivers buffers to downstream continuous process. “Scheduler” function allows production of multiple process buffers. System rinse in between each buffer production run.

Continuous Processes


Sq ft of GMP floor space saved

1000+ HRS

Saved in buffer prep


Liters of buffers produced

Product Options

Catalog No. No.of Pumps Flow Specs Dilution Factor
IBD1K0 3 60 – 1000 L/h up to 20x
IBD5K0 3 500 – 5000 L/h up to 20x
IBD10K 3 1000 – 10,000 L/h up to 20x
IBD15K 3 1500 – 15,000 L/h up to 20x
mounted scanner

Reagent Tracker

Simplify your buffer composition tracking with our Reagent Tracker feature. Available with any IBD system, the Reagent Tracker makes it easier than ever to achieve error-free labeling on diluted buffer bags and totes in three easy steps.

  1. Scan the bar code of incoming raw materials
  2. Produce the batch of desired buffer with your IBD
  3. Print a bar coded label and affix the label to your buffer bag