Planova Single-Use Virus Filtration Rack

A cost-effective single-use fluid management system for pilot-scale
Planova virus filtration.

Our most cost effective single-use virus filtration system

Single-Use in a Small Form Factor

With a footprint of a modest 720 mm x 760 mm (28 in. x 30 in.), the Planova SU-VFC will fit into even the tightest downstream processing suite.

Product features:

  • Automated inlet valves
  • Manual valves elsewhere
  • Transmembrane pressure control
  • Visual leakage test capability with on-screen timer
  • Interface to your RS-232 compatible weigh scale
AsahiKasei-035 tube interlocks

Using the SU-VFR

The Planova SU-VFR offers many advancements over homemade pump-and- tubing filter systems. Gamma-irradiated tubing sets for 1 x 1.0 m2, 2 x 1.0 m2, and 1 x 4.0 m2 configurations are available. The Planova DAQ data acquisition software is housed on a modern tablet interface and provides both system setup and automated compilation of flux decay data.

Product Options

Catalog No. Product Description
SVF004 Planova SU-VFR
VFC110 1.0 m2 Planova filter holder adaptor
SVF110 Single filter 1.0 m2 tubing/pump head/sensor/clamp kit for SU-VFR
SVF210 Dual filter 1.0 m2 tubing/pump head/sensor/clamp kit for SU-VFR
SVF140 Single filter 4.0 m2 tubing/pump head/sensor/clamp kit for SU-VFR

Note: Tubing sets are gamma-irradiated, but the Planova SU-VFR is not designed as an aseptic system.
This product may be subject to export control