Planova Single-Use
Virus Filtration System

Customized single-use virus removal systems for commercial-scale manufacturing.

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De-risk Your Commercial Scale Virus Filtration

The Planova SU-VFS can be designed to include several risk-mitigating features to ensure that your high-value biotherapeutic is safely, reproducibly and reliably filtered batch after batch.

Flexibility For Your Process

The Planova SU-VFS can be designed for your unique requirements, balancing your current production levels against anticipated future demand. We can design customized gamma-irradiated tubing sets specific to your application (minimum orders may apply for customized tubing sets).

System options:

  • Capability to manage both Planova N series and Planova BioEX filters
  • Pump with flow rate range to meet your application needs
  • Pre-filter
  • Positioning for visual leakage testing
  • Conductivity monitoring
AsahiKasei-035 tube interlocks

Custom multi-use virus filtration systems are available on request

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Automation Platform Built For You

A commercial-scale Planova SU-VFS needs to fit the automation scheme of your manufacturing plant. Therefore, the Planova SU-VFS is available with three different automation platforms to match your site requirements, each offering the same functionality.


Product Options

Catalog No. Planova Filter Effective Surface Area Number of Planova 20N Filters Number of Planova BioEX Filters
SUVFS104 4.0 m2 2 2
SUVFS106 4.0 m2 4 4

Note: Planova SU-VFS may be subject to export control.