OCELOT System Control

Painless Precision for Process Automation

Built For You

All automated systems offered by Asahi Kasei Bioprocess now include the latest in control software – OCELOT. In an easy-to-use universally compatible format, OCELOT can integrate and/or interface with your plant-wide control system, allowing for far-reaching data collection and analysis.

Seamless Integration

Our purpose-built, configurable software platform emphasizes simple operation, seamless integration and data integrity for any operation.

Key Features

  • Designed to be simple and straightforward
  • OPC-ready architecture plugs into your existing DCS, OPC Server or Historian for batch monitoring and control
  • Browser-based to allow remote method configuration and review of batches, even while the system is in use
  • Recipe configuration, report templates and trend displays allow daily customization of system operations
  • Default parameters, favorite steps, chart presets and report templates allow for easy repeat use
  • Point-of-use scale-up/scale-down through Control Parameter functionality
  • Each system is built to manage your critical process conditions
  • Settings, helper text and key process parameters can all be customized to create a unique user experience