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Our technology touches unit operations across a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including classical small molecule pharmaceuticals, current-generation antibodies, plasma derivatives and next-generation oligonucleotide therapeutics.

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Biopharmaceuticals + Plasma Derivatives

We recognize both the significant commercial value and the critical humanitarian value of your highly purified intermediates, which is why we offer an assortment of cGMP-ready automated fluid management system platforms tailored to large therapeutic proteins. Reliably enhance the viral safety of your product, improve the operating efficiency of the downstream manufacturing suite or install a high-yielding protein capture and polishing system.

Microbial-Derived Proteins

We understand that the needs for small protein purification are entirely different than monoclonal antibody or small molecule purification. We further recognize that the purification of your protein is a highly unique process and is rarely amenable to a "one size fits all" equipment solution. Our engineers have developed a powerful chromatography fluid management platform, ideal for the purification of your insulin analog, growth factor or cytokine.


With 15 years of experience in oligonucleotide fluid management, we understand that oligonucleotides are a rather unique breed of therapeutic—chemically synthesized, yet much larger in size than classic small molecules. This is why our engineers employ a hybrid approach when designing manufacturing-scale equipment for oligonucleotides, blending the best of antibody and small molecule equipment design principles to generate the ideal solution for your oligonucleotide.

Small Molecules + Peptides

Your small molecule or peptide purification suite requires a proven chromatography equipment solution. Whether you’re separating the next-generation therapeutic peptide or a traditional small molecule API, stainless steel DAC LC columns and corresponding gradient systems support your manufacturing needs.