Liquid Chromatography Systems

Reproducible gradient formation and cutting-edge software for today’s preparative- to production-scale purifications.

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Gradient Mixing Technologies

We offer a selection of proprietary and patent-pending gradient mixing technologies to permit you to reproducibly separate your target therapeutic at large-scale, whether it be via reverse-phase or normal phase gradient elutions.

Low Pressure Gradient Mixing

  • Control valves proportion eluents
  • Mixing is on low pressure side of pumps


Controller type: Adaptive PAT control or flow control
Eluent supply: Pressurized
Turndown: Up to 30X
Accuracy: ± 2%


Controller type: Adaptive PAT control or ow control
Eluent supply: Unpressurized/minimally pressurized
Turndown: Up to 90X
Accuracy: ± 2%

Software Designed For You

Off-the-shelf chromatography systems may provide familiar software, but have rigid hardware constraints; conversely, systems with customized hardware are typically burdened with cumbersome and dated software. You no longer have to compromise.

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Industrial Flow Paths

Since peptides and other small molecules that require UHPLC Systems are purified in organic solvents, our cost-effective industrial design is well-suited for UHPLC Systems.

Feature Industrial
Eluents Mainly organic solvents
Process connections Inlets/outlets: TC
Process connections Internal: NPT & compression
Wetted MOC 316, 316Ti, 316L
Surface finish spec None
Electropolish No
Piping Hand welds
Piping documentation Material CofC only
Low point drains No
Elastomers PTFE, FFKM, FEP
Elastomer certs N/A

Freedom of Customization

Your unique purification processes or multi-product applications may require an UHPLC System that is different than the standard offerings. Our team of artisan engineers and designers will craft you a customized solution based on our standard UHPLC System platform.

Features include:

  • Number of inlet ports or fractions
  • End-of-stream air sensors
  • Pre-filters
  • Sample injection loops
  • Software customization
  • Hazardous area ratings (NFPA and ATEX)
  • Modified footprints to fit into tight spaces and within fume hoods
Flash LC System cropped corner

Equipment designed to respect your manufacturing needs

Product Options

Catalog No. Flow Rate Range Pressure Rating Typical DAC Column Pairing
UPC060 6-60 L/h 200 bar 6- 15cmi.d.
UPC120 12- 120 L/h 200 bar 7.5 – 20 cm i.d.
UPC180 18- 180 L/h 200 bar 10- 20 cm i.d.
UPC240 24- 240 L/h 200 bar 10-30 cm i.d.
UPC360 36 – 360 L/h 200 bar 15-40 cm i.d.
UPC 600 60 – 600 L/h 200 bar 20-45 cm i.d.
UPC 900 90 – 900 L/h 200 bar 30 – 60 cm i.d.