Planova Virus Filtration Rack

An ergonomic holder for 1.0 m2 and 4.0 m2 Planova 15N, 20N, 35N or BioEX filters.

Accommodates pilot or clinical-scale Planova and Planova BioEX filters

See Planova Filters

Product Features

Use with your existing pumps or pressurized tanks for manual virus filtration.

  • Dimensions: 838 mm (33 in.) D x 1540 mm (61 in.) H
  • Durable 304L stainless steel with welded and polished construction
  • Two (2) 4.0 m2 Planova filter holders
  • Two (2) 1.0 m2 Planova filter holder adaptors
  • Filters can be tilted 10° for VLT
  • Pressure gauge, drip pan and parts tray
  • Optional mounting bracket for your pre-filter of choice
BioEX fliters

Using the Planova VFR

For manual Planova virus filtration, the Planova VFR is a cost-effective way to operate up to two Planova virus filters.

  • Mount Planova virus filters in one of three positions: vertical, +10° or -10°.
  • Connect your product feed and buffer feed to the filter(s) mounted on the Planova VFR.
  • Manually conduct the pre-use VLT, pre-use flush, buffer equilibration, product filtration and post-use VLT.

Product Options

Catalog No. Product Description
VFR008 Planova Virus Filtration Rack
VFR051 Pre-Filter Mounting Bracket