Asahi Oligosynthesizer

Proven design for mid-scale and large-scale solid phase oligosynthesis.

Easily paired with our Asahi SCS Column or Asahi ACS Column

Patented Valve Design

Expect improved full-length purity and reduced wash volumes with our patented zero-static (ZS) inlet valve manifolds. Multiple ZS inlet valve manifolds congregate the monomer and reagent to the pumps. Developed through computational fluid dynamics modeling, ZS inlet valve manifolds are multiport valves with low hold up volume to minimize carryover of amidite and reagents.

AsahiKasei-008 another sideview

Scalable Oligosynthesis

Our oligosynthesizers are built for you and ensure seamless scale-up from other small-scale synthesizers with consistent full-length purity of your oligonucleotide. Figures 1 and 2 below show conductivity and UV trends, respectively, from a 40 mmol cGMP batch of RNA synthesis.

absorbance over time graph

The Asahi Oligosynthesizer was awarded Patent number EP1714695 by the European Patent Office.

Product Options

Catalog No. Product Specification Pressure Rating Typical Asahi ACS or SCS Column Pairing
Synth30 3-30 mmol* 10 bar 10-15 cm i.d. **
Synth100 10-100 mmol* 10 bar 10-30 cm i.d. **
Synth300 30-300 mmol* 10 bar 15-50 cm i.d. **
Synth1000 0.1-1 mol* 6 bar 30-90 cm i.d.**
Synth1500 0.15-1.5 mol* 5 bar 30-100 cm i.d. **
Synth2500 0.25-2.5 mol 5 bar 30-l00 cm i.d. **

*Actual synthesis scale is dependent on solid support loading and packed bed height.
**Column pairing is dependent on loading of solid support.