Slurry Prep Systems

Simplify media preparation and packing for DAC LC Columns

Compatible with Flash, MPLC and HPLC DAC Columns

Thoughtful Design

The multi-function design of the SPS permits slurry to be mixed, de-fined, recirculated and charged into DAC LC Columns. The unit is also fully non-electrical, allowing seamless installation into hazardous areas without additional costs for electrical protection or controls validation.

Standard features include:

  • Electropolished 316L SS mixing vessel
  • Pneumatic control panel and liquid control panel for manual operation
  • Agitator with speed control
  • Sidewall sight glass for monitoring slurry level
  • Integral decanting dip tube for de-fining
  • Slurry transfer pump with speed control
  • De-fine, Reslurry, Recirculate and Charge modes
  • ASME code stamp (for US installations)
  • CE Pressure Equipment Directive compliant (for EU installations)
Slurry Prep Systems

Prepare for Column Packing in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Fill SPS vessel with slurry buffer as recommended by the media manufacturer
  2. Add media from your supplier’s containers
  3. Gently mix the media into a slurry with the agitator
  4. Allow the media to briefly settle in the vessel for de-fining
  5. Decant fines from the supernatant; repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary
  6. Add more slurry buffer and recirculate vessel to reslurry media
  7. Connect to your empty column and charge the slurry using the slurry transfer pump
Slurry Prep Systems, close up

Product Options

Catalog No. Vessel Working Volume Pressure Rating Suitable AKB DAC LC Column Pairings (i.d. x L, cm)
SP100 100L 1.4 bar 30 x 70, 35 x 50, 35 x 70, 40 x 50, 40 x 70, 45 x 50
SP200 200L 1.4 bar 45 x 70, 50 x 50, 50 x 70, 60 x 50
SP350 350L 1.4 bar 60 x 70, 80 x 50, 80 x 70
SP600 600L 1.4 bar 80 x 70, 100 x 50, 100 x 70, 120 x 50