DAC Ergo

Conduct safe, efficient maintenance on large-scale stainless steel DAC LC Columns (≥ 60 cm i.d.)

Compatible for columns up to 1.6 m in diameter

Built For DAC LC Columns

Performing routine maintenance on large stainless steel columns is no longer a cumbersome endeavor. Watch our demonstration video to see how DAC Ergo can simplify unpacking and maintenance of large stainless steel DAC columns.

Seamless Column Unpacking

Novel I-bars, secured by magnets, can be lifted to release the bottom plate which rests on the undercarriage and pivots on a swing-out arm. Unpacked resin is deposited into a collection reservoir and the bottom plate is re-engaged with the column. This unique mechanism introduces novel safeguards and operational efficiencies to streamline what is historically a labor-intensive, time-consuming process.

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Product Availability

DAC Ergo is currently available for the configurations below.

Diameter Pressure Rating
10 Bar
Pressure Rating
20 Bar
Pressure Rating
35 Bar
140cm * * *
160cm * * *

*Please contact your local sales representative for more information

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