DAC Ergo

Conduct safe, efficient maintenance on large-scale stainless steel DAC LC Columns (≥ 60 cm i.d.)

Compatible for columns up to 1.6 m in diameter

Built For DAC LC Columns

Performing routine maintenance on large stainless steel columns is no longer a cumbersome endeavor. Watch our demonstration video to see how DAC Ergo can simplify unpacking and maintenance of large stainless steel DAC columns.

Seamless Column Unpacking

The bottom plate is captured by novel I-bars which are released without tools to allow the bottom plate to pivot from under the column on an index arm for unpacking the bed and maintenance of the support and seal components. The spent resin is expressed into a roll-away collection reservoir by automated movement of the piston. The bottom plate is re-positioned with ease and precision to protect the fine surfaces and align the I-bars for re-engagement. This unique mechanism introduces novel safeguards and operational efficiencies to streamline what is historically a labor-intensive, time-consuming process.

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Product Availability

DAC Ergo is currently available for the configurations below.

Diameter Pressure Rating
10 Bar
Pressure Rating
20 Bar
Pressure Rating
35 Bar
120cm * * *
140cm * * *
160cm * * *

*Please contact your local sales representative for more information

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