Planova Virus Filtration Systems

Automated, reliable virus removal for commercial-scale manufacturing.

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De-risk Your Commercial Scale Virus Filtration

The Planova VFS includes several risk-mitigating features and design elements to ensure that your high-value biotherapeutic is safely, reproducibly and reliably filtered batch after batch. Transfer seamlessly between product feed and buffer chase.

Flexibility For Your Process

The Planova VFS can be designed for your unique requirements, balancing your current production levels against anticipated future demand. Our ASME-BPE compliant stainless steel systems accommodate feeds from either single-use bags or pressure tanks, allowing buffers and products to be stored in the format
of your choice.

System options:

  • Capability to manage both Planova N series and Planova BioEX filters
  • Constant pressure or constant flow operation
  • Pre-filter
  • Bubble trap
  • Positioning for visual leakage testing
  • Conductivity monitoring
  • Steam-in-place (SIP) configurations
vfs side view

Integrated integrity testing to save time

See Planova Filters

Automation Platform Built For You

Our Planova VFS is available with three different automation platforms to match your site requirements, each offering
the same functionality.


Planova VFS Selection Guide

Choose the appropriate Planova VFS platform for you.

Product Pool Volume (L)
100 250 500 1000 2000 2500 5000
Planova 20N Available filter combinations* 1 x 1.0 m2 2 x 1.0 m2 1 x 4.0 m2 2 x 4.0 m2 3 x 4.0 m2 4 x 4.0 m2 7 x 4.0 m2
Planova VFS Selection VFC008 VFC008 VFC008 VFC008 VFS106 VFS106 VFS108 VFS106 VFS108 VFS110
Planova BioEX Available filter combinations** 1 x 1.0 m2 2 x 1.0 m2 3 x 1.0 m2 5 x 1.0 m2 3 x 4.0 m2 4 x 4.0 m2 7 x 4.0 m2
Planova VFS Selection VFC008 VFC008 VFS106 VFS108 VFS108 VFS110 VFS110 Customized

*Based on theoretical concentration of 5 – 15 g/L and Planova 20N filter loading of 200 L/m2.
**Based on theoretical concentration of 15 – 15 g/L and Planova BioEX filter loading of 200 L/m2.
Actual filter loading and system selection is product and process-dependent.
Note: This product may be subject to export control.

Custom single-use systems are available on request

Product Options

Catalog No. Planova Filter Effective Surface Area Number of Planova 20N Filters Number of Planova BioEX Filters Planova VFS Type
VFC008 1.0 m2 1-2 1-2 Standard
VFC008 4.0 m2 1-2 1 Standard
VFS 106 1.0 m2 3-4 2-4 Customized
VFS 106 4.0 m2 1-4 1-2 Customized
VFS 108 1.0 m2 4-6 2-6 Customized
VFS 108 4.0 m2 1-6 1-3 Customized
VFS110 1.0 m2 8-10 4-5 Customized
VFS110 4.0 m2 2-10 1-5 Customized

Note: Planova VFS can be optimized for the Planova filter type of your choice.