MOTIV Single-Use Inline Buffer Formulation System

Meet the technology that is truly built for you and is designed to move you beyond your downstream processing bottlenecks.

Highly Efficient,
Patented Design

High Pressure

+/- 1% Flow Rate

Peak efficiency meets cost savings in buffer formulation

  • 24 – 2,400 L/h
  • Mobile Console format
  • Clinical scale manufacturing
  • Up to 20X dilution 58.22″ L x 32″ W x 63.27″H

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Balanced Flow: Elevating Process Reliability and Product Uniformity

Maintaining consistent flow rates enhances operational reliability and efficiency, directly contributing to higher product quality. This uniformity also optimizes resource usage and ensures predictable maintenance.

OCELOT System Control

Each MOTIV is outfitted with the latest in automation capabilities – OCELOT – bringing intuitive configuration in a universally compatible format. OCELOT can integrate and/or interface with your plant-wide control system – allowing for far-reaching data collection and analysis.

  • Designed to be simple and straightforward
  • OPC-ready architecture, with remote method configuration and batch review
  • Point-of-use scale up/scale down