Planova Single-Use
Virus Filtration Controller

A small form-factor, automated single-use dead-end filtration unit for Planova and Planova BioEX filters.

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De-risk Your Clinical and Commercial Scale Virus Filtration

The Planova SU-VFC includes several risk-mitigating features and design elements to ensure that your high-value biotherapeutic is safely, reproducibly and reliably filtered batch after batch.

Modest Size, Bold Functionality

With a footprint of a modest 660 mm x 1219 mm (26 in. x 48 in.), the Planova SU-VFC can be installed in almost any downstream processing area and is fully 21CFR Part 11 capable. Universal gamma-irradiated tubing sets can be used for any of our Planova filters. By incorporating the capability to perform integrity testing, the Planova SU-VFC permits simplified implementation of Planova filters in your process.

SU-VFC operational steps:

  • System integrity test prior to operation
  • Deaeration
  • WFI flush
  • Optional pre-use visual leakage test
  • Product filtration
  • Filtration rinse
  • Filter wash
  • Optional post-use visual leakage test
  • Alarms and interlocks also included
  • Filter wash by EQ buffer
SU-VFC, close up

Automation For Today

Our robust Planova SU-VFC automation platform permits intuitive configuration of all virus filtration process steps. Barcode scanning allows error-free filter identification.

Other features include:

  • Recipe generation and storage
  • Live and historical trending of all analog signals
  • Alarming
  • Audit trail
  • Electronic signature option
  • Batch report generation
  • Data export

Utility For Tomorrow

The Planova SU-VFC is engineered to accommodate manufacturing scale Planova and Planova BioEX virus removal filters and your single-use bags. For batch sizes as small as 20 L and as large as 1000 L, the SU-VFC helps you run your virus removal step in a safe and efficient manner, today and in the future.

Integrated Integrity Testing To Save Time

See Planova Filters

How It Works

SU VFC diagram

Operating Ranges

The Planova SU-VFC is designed for the following filter types:

Filter Type Number Effective Surface Area
Planova 15N 1 1.0 m2
Planova 15N 1 4.0 m2
Planova 20N 1 1.0 m2
Planova 20N 1 4.0 m2
Planova BioEX 1 1.0 m2
Planova BioEX 1 4.0 m2

Product Options

Catalog No. Product Description
VFC108 Planova SU-VFC
20055-0010 Filter holder for 1.0 m2 Planova filter
SRV302 GMP system documentation package
SRV108 Crating and shipping, DAP continental US
SUV125 Inlet manifold assembly
SUV126 Lower inlet assembly
SUV127 Upper outlet assembly
SUV128 Line 4 assembly
SUV129 Lower permeate assembly
VFC112 SU-VFC IQ/OQ package

Note: This product may be subject to export control