Planova Single-Use
Virus Filtration Controller

A small form-factor, automated single-use dead-end filtration unit for Planova and Planova BioEX filters.

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Mitigate Risk with Intuitive, Customized Automation

The Planova SU-VFC includes several risk-mitigating features and design elements to ensure that your high-value biotherapeutic is safely, reproducibly and reliably filtered batch after batch – including our automation platform that allows for intuitive configuration of all virus filtration process steps.

Modest Size, Bold Functionality

With a footprint of a modest 660 mm x 1219 mm (26 in. x 48 in.), the Planova SU-VFC can be installed in almost any downstream processing area and is fully 21CFR Part 11 capable. Universal gamma-irradiated tubing sets can be used for any of our Planova filters. By incorporating the capability to perform integrity testing, the Planova SU-VFC permits simplified implementation of Planova filters in your process.

Sample Operational Steps:

  • System integrity test prior to operation
  • Deaeration
  • WFI flush
  • Optional pre-use visual leakage test
  • Optional flowmeter and pressure transmitter calibration
  • Product filtration
  • Filtration rinse
  • Filter wash
  • Optional post-use visual leakage test
  • Alarms and interlocks also included
  • Filter wash by EQ buffer
SU-VFC, close up

Automation For Today

Our robust Planova SU-VFC automation platform permits intuitive configuration of all virus filtration process steps. Barcode scanning allows error-free filter identification.

Other features include:

  • Recipe generation and storage
  • Live and historical trending of all analog signals
  • Alarming
  • Audit trail
  • Electronic signature option
  • Batch report generation
  • Data export

Utility For Tomorrow

The Planova SU-VFC is engineered to accommodate manufacturing scale Planova and Planova BioEX virus removal filters and your single-use bags. For batch sizes as small as 20 L and as large as 1000 L, the SU-VFC helps you run your virus removal step in a safe and efficient manner, today and in the future.

Integrated Integrity Testing To Save Time

See Planova Filters

How It Works

Operating Ranges

The Planova SU-VFC is designed for the following filter types:

Filter Type Number Effective Surface Area
Planova 15N, 20N 1 or 2 1.0 m2
1 or 2 4.0 m2
Planova 35N, BioEX 1 or 2 1.0 m2
1 4.0 m2

Product Options

Catalog No. Product Description
TS-SUVF-311 1 x 1.0 m2 SUVF Tubing Set Kit
TS-SUVF-321 2 x 1.0 m2 SUVF Tubing Set Kit
TS-SUVF-314 1 x 4.0 m2 SUVF Tubing Set Kit
TS-SUVF-324 2 x 4.0 m2 SUVF Tubing Set Kit
VFC112 SU-VFC IQ/OQ package
SRV302 GMP system documentation package
SRV108 Crating and shipping, DAP continental US

Note: This product may be subject to export control